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Increase Tank Ability, US Army Provide Funds USD 450 Million

Southforward.com - United States Army (US) reportedly has spent around USD 450 million to improve the ability of their M1 and Strykers A1 tanks.Quoted...

US Army Increases Exercise With Technology

Southforward.com - US Army team (US) increased military training with technology they brought during the training process at Fort Benning army base.Quoted from the...

South Korea Wants US Army to Stay on Korean Peninsula

Southforward.com - South Korea is rumored to be maintaining US troops to stay on the Korean Peninsula for an unspecified time.Quoted from various sources...

US Army Will Redesign Military Special Shoes

Southforward.com - US troops reportedly are looking for new designs to design and make new military-specific shoes.Reportedly, the shoes they want are shoes that...

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