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Police Release Identity Actors in Toronto

Southforward.com - Police in Canada have identified a shooting suspect in Toronto. The suspect is known as Faisal Hussain (29).Reported from the BBC, Tuesday...

Suspect Shooting in Toronto Has Mental Illness

Southforward.com - The shooter in Toronto, Canada who killed two people and injured 13 people is known to have mental illness.Reported by Reuters on...

Toronto Mass Shooting Victims To 14 People, 1 Killed

Southforward.com - The death toll of an armed man in Toronto, Canada is reported to be 14. One of them was killed.Reported by Reuters...

Armed Man Shoots 9 People in Toronto

Southforward.com - A gunman is reported to have shot nine people in the city of Toronto, Canada on Sunday local time.Reporting from Citynews.com, Monday...

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