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US Air Force Commanded Following Space Force Creation Message

Southforward.com - United States Air Sports (US) reportedly alerted by their respective leaders from the orders of Trump president to create a space helicopter...

Russia’s Chief of Defense: Space Militeration Is a Road to Disaster

Southforward.com - Russia strongly condemns the actions of President Donald Trump who made the United States space force army or space force.Quoted from Russia...

Russia: The formation of Space Force Causes Doom

Southforward.com - Russia through Senator Viktor Bondarev reacts to the creation of US Space Forces (space force) some time ago.Quoted from Russia Today, Wednesday...

US Citizens Crowded to Make Uniforms For the Space Force

Southforward.com - President of the United States (US), Donald Trump has officially announced the formation of sixth armed forces of the United States that...

Donald Trump Shapes the US “Space Force”

Southforward.com - American President Donald Trump announced the creation of the sixth army in the United States Armed Forces' armament of the Space Force.Quoted...

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