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Police Release Identity Actors in Toronto

Southforward.com - Police in Canada have identified a shooting suspect in Toronto. The suspect is known as Faisal Hussain (29).Reported from the BBC, Tuesday...

Police Can not Find Stolen US Nuclear Material Not Found

Southforward.com - Police in the United States (US) assisted by the FBI is reported to have given up in search of missing nuclear material...

Philippine Army Taken Intentional Shoot Dead Six Police

Southforward.com - The Philippine army unit reportedly unintentionally shot dead six policemen and wounded nine others in a special operation.Quoted from the Straits Times,...

Malaysian Police Seize Najib Razak’s Property Worth RM 1.1 Billion

Southforward.com - Malaysian police have reportedly seized the price of the wealth of former prime minister, Najib Razak, amounting to RM 1.1 billion.Quoted from...

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