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Pakistan Comment on US Unilateral Sanctions Against Turkey

Southforward.com - Pakistan commented and strongly opposed unilateral sanctions issued by the United States (US) against Turkey.Reporting from Anadolu, Tuesday (08/14/2018), this was revealed...

US Suspends Military Training Program for Pakistan

Southforward.com - The United States (US) has reportedly cut a number of Pakistani military officers from education and training programs. So reports from Pakistani...

128 People Killed As Bomb Attack in Pakistan Before Election

Southforward.com - A political campaign in southern Pakistan is reported to have been attacked by suicide bombers. In this attack, 128 people were reported...

Turkey Sells 30 Military Helicopters to Pakistan

Southforward.com - Turkey has reportedly agreed to sell 30 units of military helicopters to Pakistan. Its value is estimated to reach USD 1.5 billion.Quoted...

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