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OPCW: Two Britons Confirmed Affected by Novichok

Southforward.com - Laboratory tests by chemical weapons inspectors confirm the conclusions of the UK (OPCW) have confirmed that two residents in Amesbury, UK were...

Russian Citizen Alleged Perpetrator of Novichok Nerve Poison Attack

Southforward.com - British police investigating the Novichok nerve raid case against former Russian secret agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter say the perpetrators are...

Novichok Poison Victim’s Man Has Passed A Critical Period

Southforward.com - A man in Britain who is reported to be a victim of Novichok's nerve gas poison is rumored to have passed his...

Novichok Poison Victim’s Condition Improves

Southforward.com - The condition of a man exposed to toxic nerve gas in southwest England has reportedly improved. It was delivered by hospital officials...

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