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Escluinta So “Dead City” After Exposure to Heat Mount Fuego

Southforward.com - In San Miguel Los Lotes, the city of Escuintla, Guatemala became a dead city after the hot ash eruption of Mount Fuego...

Volcanic Activity of Mount Fuego Increases

Southforward.com - Volcanic activity of Fuego volcano in Guatemala is rumored to keep increasing to this day. It was delivered by local officials.Reported by...

This Woman Watch 50 His Family Buried Mount Fuego

Southforward.com - This woman witnessed 50 families buried by the eruption of Mount Fuego in Guatemala some time ago. Now, he is looking for...

Mount Fuego Back Erupt, Guatemala Status Standby High

Southforward.com - Feugo volcano is rumored to return to show signs of greater activity.Quoted from the Reuters page, Wednesday (6/6/2018), Because of this, Guatemala...

Mount Fuego Activities Increased

Southforward.com - Activities of Fuego Mountain in Guatemala is rumored to have increased dramatically to this day.Quoted from Reuters page, Tuesday (5/6/2018), Volcanic Activity...

Mount Fuego erupts, 25 people killed

Southforward.com - Mount Fuego in Guatemala reportedly erupted terrible on Sunday local time or Monday (4/6/2018) pm.Report from Reuters on Monday (04/06/2018), At least...

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