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Combined attacks on Idlib, dozens of people injured

Southforward.com - Dozens of people are reported to have been injured by children and women in an air strike in Idlib province.Reporting from Anadolu,...

Richard H: US Will Collaborate with Al-Qaeda to Defend Idlib

Southforward.com - Richard H. Black a United States Senator (US) said that his country would cooperate with al-Qaeda to maintain Idlib.Reporting from Sputnik, Monday...

Turkey condemns Russian airstrikes on Idlib

Southforward.com - Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu strongly criticized Russian airstrikes on the Idlib region of Syria. Russian fighter jets earlier this week resumed...

Russia: US wants to save terrorists in Idlib

Southforward.com - Russia says that the United States (US) wants to save the position of terrorists in Idlib, Syria because it has never fulfilled...

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