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Russia Shoots Drone Fall on Military Base in Syria

Southforward.com - The Russian air defense system at Hmeymin air base in Syria is reported to have shot down a drone in the region.Reported...

Meet Putin, Prime Minister of Israel Disabling Syrian Drone Story

Southforward.com - Prime Menteeri of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu with Russian President, Vladimir Putin today meets in Moscow.Reported from Reuters on Thursday (12/7/2018), this meeting...

Russian Military Shoots Drone in Syrian Skies

Southforward.com - Russian military forces are reported to have shot a number of drone aircraft in the Hmeymin Territory of Syria.Quoted from Sputnik on...

Yemen Claims Shoot Falls Drone Made in Iran

Southforward.com - The Yemeni military is rumored to have shot down the Houthi militia drones in the Hodeidah region. Furthermore, the drone is believed...

FAA Bans Drone Fly in 4 Military Bases

Southforward.com - FAA or Federal Aviation Administration is rumored to have banned drones to fly over four military bases in the US.The rule is...

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