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Australia Will be Asked For Help if US Attack Iran

Southforward.com - A senior official in the government of Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull said that the United States (US) will ask for...

US Will Place 2,500 Marines in Australia

Southforward.com - United States (US) is reportedly planning to send its military to the state of Darwin, Australia.Reported from Russia Today, Thursday (26/7/2018), According...

P-8A Patrol Aircraft Poseidon Australia Successfully Fires Harpoon Missiles

Southforward.com - Australia reportedly successfully fired an ATM-84J Harpoon missile from a maritine patrol aircraft, Boeing P-84 Poseidon.Reporting from ABC, Tuesday (07/24/2018), the Australian...

Australia Stops Funding to Palestinians

Southforward.com - The Australian government has reportedly stopped funding for the Palestinian Authority (PA), which is of considerable value.Reported from ABC, Tuesday (3/7/2018), it...

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