Thailand Praised by Successful World Save 13 People Inside Cave

Photo: AFP – The Thai government has received much praise from various world communities for successfully rescuing 13 people trapped inside the Cave.

Twelve teenage footballers and One football coach were saved with three rescue stages and last on Wednesday (11/7).

The rescue operation made a lot of world attention. Various aid came from various countries.

Even the CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk came and brought a mini submarine that he created to help the rescue process of the trapped victims.

This success, said local officials certainly because of the support and prayers of people in Thailand and around the world who witnessed.

What’s more, the rescue operation has sucked at least 90 professional divers from different countries.

A former member of the Thai Navy Seal died while paving the way into the cave while carrying the oxygen cylinder. He has retired, but is called to volunteer to help the victim.

Thais also expressed their gratitude for the various countries that have helped.

In social media, Many people are delighted by the success of this rescue. Whether it’s on twitter and facebook, this rescue operation got viral.