Germany Holds Iranian Diplomat Plans Terror Action in France

Photo: AP – Germany has reportedly charged a diplomat from Iran on charges of espionage and conspiracy to commit murder.

Reported from the Washington Post, Thursday (12/07/2018), He is known Assadollah Assadi who is also an Iranian diplomat.

The diplomat was arrested for alleged involvement in a bombing plan against a meeting of Iranian opposition groups in France.

A prosecutor said that he allegedly contracted a couple in Belgium to attack the annual meeting of an exiled Iranian opposition group in Villepinte, near Paris.

“He allegedly provided a partner based in Antwerp 500 grams of TATP explosives during a meeting in Luxembourg in late June,” the prosecutor said.

Assadi was arrested earlier this month near the city of Aschaffenburg in Germany with a European warrant after an Iranian couple was arrested in Belgium. Authorities reported finding powerful explosives in their cars.

Germany also alleges that the suspect is an Iranian intelligence agent to spy on the country.