70 People Killed by Heat Waves in Canada

Photo: AP

Southforward.com – 70 people are reported to have been killed as a result of a heat wave that hit Quebec, Canada in recent days.

Report from CNN on Tuesday (10/7/2018), it was delivered by local health authorities in a press statement to the media.

The Health Department also detailed, 34 other people who died occurred in the city of Montreal. The city became the city’s most deadly casualties.

Luckily, local officials also said the current situation was back to normal. Temperatures to 27 degrees celsius, while the lowest 13 degrees celsius.

Hot-wave attacks began to hit Quebec Sunday (8/7) yesterday with temperatures ranging from 35 degrees celsius. The temperature is 20 degrees higher than normal.

“The situation has returned to normal,” says the Department of Public Health of Quebec.

The Ontario region is also hit by high temperatures, but so far there have been no reports of casualties. In 2010, about 100 people died from extreme heat in the Montreal area.