Donald Trump Select Former Advisor George W Bush As Supreme Court Judge

Kavanaugh is grateful for Trump's trust. (Reuters) – Brett Kavanaugh is officially nominated by President of the United States (US), Donald Trump as Supreme Court Justice.

Reported by Reuters on Tuesday (10/07/2018), it was delivered directly by Trump in a press statement to the media.

Just known, Kavanaugh had been an adviser to George W Bush, previously serving as an appellate court judge in the District of Columbia.

Trump says that Kavanaugh has a good background and unmatched qualifications. And most importantly he has a commitment to equal justice.

“Judge Kavanaugh has an extraordinary background, unparalleled qualifications, and has proved committed to upholding equal justice,” Trump said.

“He is a brilliant judge with a clear and effective writing style, universally regarded as the best and smartest of today’s legal thinkers,” he continued.

Kavanaugh himself has served in the District of Columbia appeal court since 2006 ago and was previously an adviser to George W Bush.