Lockheed Martin Fighting Falcon, the Most on Demand Multirole Fighter Jet

Lockheed Martin Fighting Falcon
Lockheed Martin Fighting Falcon

Lockheed Martin F16 Fighting falcon (Fighting Falcon) is a supersonics multirole fighter jet developed by Lockheed Martin. It was firstly flown on February 1974 and introduced in 1978. In beginning, it was built for superiorityday fighter jet but it had shifted into a successfulall-weathermultirole fighter jet and makes it popular and mostly used in more than 20 countries, as Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco, Netherlands, and many other countries. Fighting Falcon had already produced about four thousand units since 1976. It is no longer purchased for United States Air Force, but it is only produced for the needs ofbusiness and export only.

What makes this Fighting Falcon become a popular multirole fighter jet and used by some countries in the world? F16 is well innovated by having fifth type of MMC system (modular mission computer) as the heart and main mind of jet avionics. It is also completed by embedded GPS INS systems which makes this jet bombs using JDAM (joint direct attack munitions) using GPS. For the data secrecy, Fighting Falcon is equipped by radio system to keep the confidentially data and communication, missile warning system, jammer system, and electronic warfare system. In design, this popular jet has cockpit without frame that surely make clear of sightseeing, cockpit seat is designed to decrease the g-force effect for the pilot, and the fighter design which can restrain the convolution in the 9g velocity.

As it still can be purchased, it is priced about US$14.6 million for the Fighting Falcon type F-16A/B, whilst for the F-16C/D it is priced US$18.8 million per unit. For maintenance costs, Fighting Falcon can spend about US$7.700 per hour in one flight. Thismaintenance costis comparable to another fighter jet as Sukhoi but less cheap than Gripen which only spends US$4.700 per hour in one flight.

Country of origin United States
Entered service 1978
Crew 1 men
Length 15 m
Wing span 10 m
Height 5 m
Weight (Empty) 6,6 t
Engines 1 x Pratt and Whitney F100 P-220E turbofan
Traction 76/118,32kN
Maximum speed 2.120 km/h
Cannon 1 x M61A1 20 mm cannon
Missiles AIM-120B, AIM-9L/M/P air to air missiles; AGM-65 Maverick air to surface missiles; Kongsberg Penguin Mk.3 Anti-ship missiles
Bombs DASA DWS 39 gliding sub munitions dispenser