Saudi Arabia Destroyed Houthi Fire Fired at Jazan

Yemeni Houthi rebels fired ballistic missiles at Jazan on Friday night (6/7/2018) but intercepted by Saudi forces. Photo / Illustration REUTERS – Saudi Air Force Air Force is reported to have destroyed a ballistic missile that Houthi Yemeni militants fired at Jazan on Friday night.

Quoted from SPA, Saturday (7/7/2018), local military also said lucky no casualties for this attack.

Jazan is a region in southern Saudi Arabia. This region is often a missile target (missile) Yemeni rebels who oppose the aggression of the Arab Coalition in the country.

The Saudi Arabian news agency said the missile was launched from Amran targeting civilians.

“The missile was launched from the Yemeni region (especially Amran province) targeting the civilian population,” the report said.

The report also said that this unfriendly action by the Houthi militia was backed by the Iranian regime.

According to Al-Malki, the firing of ballistic missiles against cities and villages in Saudi is against international law and international humanitarian law.