Netherlands Expels Two Iranian Diplomats from their Country

Hassan Rouhani. Photo: AP – Dutch Intelligence Agency says that its country has expelled two Iranian diplomats from his country recently.

Quoted from AFP on Saturday (7/7/2018), the report said the two Iranian diplomats were working at the Iran embassy office and expelled it 7 June.

“Two staff from the Iranian embassy office were expelled from the Netherlands on June 7,” said Hulbert Bredemeijer, spokesman for the Dutch National Intelligence and Security Agency, AIVD.

Despite providing the information, he admitted that he could not provide further information on the issue of expulsion.

“But I can not give further details about this issue,” he added.

A number of Iranian diplomats are stumbling on issues in several European countries.

Earlier this month, three countries – Belgium, France and Germany – have arrested six Iranian diplomats suspected of linking to a bombing plan on Iran’s opposition group meeting on the outskirts of Paris.

The meeting agenda is also planned to be attended by US politicians, including close ally of President Donald Trump.