Syrian rebels agree on a ceasefire in Daraa

Photo: AP – Syrian rebels in Daraa province are reported to have agreed a peace deal with Russia and Syrian Government Forces on Friday (6/7).

Quoted from Reuters on Saturday (7/7/2018), this agreement will provide an opportunity for civilians and rebels to settle their status with the government under the protection of Russia.

This ceasefire process has actually started in the last week. Two days last week, Friday and Saturday but did not result in any agreement.

Therefore, Russia and Syrian government forces launched an air raid on the rebels in the Daraa region.

The pro-government forces supporting the regime of President Bashar al-Assad have seized the main route along the border with Jordan to the Nassib border crossing as part of the deal.

The border point, which is still under the control of the opposition, is one of the main targets of more than two weeks of government troop attacks in southern Syria.