Dassault Rafale, A Multirole Fighter Aircraft from French

Dassault Rafale, A Multirole Fighter Aircraft from French
Dassault Rafale

DassaultRafale or Squall (English) is a multirole fighter aircraft in the fourth generation from French and produced by Dassault Aviation. It was firstly flown in 1986. This splendid fighter aircraft has three main variants asRafale C Single-seat land based, Rafale B Twin-seat Land-based, and Rafale M Single-seat Carrier-based. The most used in Armee de l’Airis DassaultRafale B Twin-seat. Rafale is designed with twin engines of Snecma M88 which can fly with speed 1912 km per hour.

From the beginning, DassaultRafale is designed to fulfill all the aircraft pilot needs. Besides, it was also to carry the nuclear weapon. This aircraft is completed by Avionics Systems as direct voice input, RBE2 AA with Active electronicallyscannedarray (AESA) radar and able to detect upto 200 km. It is an optroniquesecteur frontal (OSF) infra-red search and track sensor utilized for air target and ground target. Thus, this avionics system is to support the flight with Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA). This system is also able to help pilot to do data analyze from all provided sensor found in the aircraft body.Then, this stunning aircraft is designed with delta wings combined with activate Canard integrated. It dues to maximize the maneuver skill for the flight stability. It is also fulfilled by the Thales system and can increase the guard and quickly track the other targeted aircraft and has been integrated to the IMA.

In 2001, DassaultRafale was just introduced. Dassault Aviation tried to produce more and export it for several countries. Nowadays, many country asks for this amazing aircraft for their military needs. While, in 2018, Rafale will be introduced as it has been upgraded for some weapons and additional features in avionics systems. To have this multirole fighter aircraft, it costs about €68M-79M per unit.

Country of originFrance
Entered service2001
Crew1 men
Length15,27 m
Wing span10,8 m
Height5,34 m
Weight (Empty)9,06 t
Engines2 x SNECMA M88-2 turbofan engines
Traction48,7/72,9 kN
Maximum speed1.913 km/h
Combat Radius1.050 km
Cannon1 x 30 mm GIAT/DEFA cannon
Missiles8 x MICA air to missiles, 1xASMP stand-off nuclear missle or 2 x APACHEs