UN asks Jordan to open border with Syria

    Internally displaced people from Deraa province arrive near the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights in Quneitra, Syria June 29, 2018. REUTERS/Alaa Al-Faqir

    Southforward.com – UN through Human Rights Office and UNHCR Refugee Agency urges Jordan to open its borders to Syrians.

    Reported by Reuters on Tuesday (3/7/2018), This was conveyed by the Spokesman of the UN Human Rights Council, Liz Throssell in a statement.

    He called on the Jordanian government to open its border for the country in the region (ie Syria) who fled.

    “We call on the Jordanian government to keep its borders open and for other countries in the region to improve and accept the escaping civilians,” he said.

    As is known, Deraa Province, which borders on Jordan in heating conditions since the last few days.

    The Syrian and Russian governments are stepping up their air strikes in the region because peace talks with rebels are deadlocked.

    Meanwhile, UNHCR spokesman Andre Mahecic said about 40,000 Syrians had gathered near the border with Jordan. Amman itself is known to have accommodated 650 thousand Syrian refugees.