US: We Hope Denuclearization of North Korea Completed In 2.5 Years

Mike Pompeo. Photo: Reuters – United States (US) will provide a 2.5-year period for North Korea to complete the process of denuclearization in full on the Korean Peninsula.

Quoted from the Reuters page, Thursday (14/06/2018), it was delivered directly by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United States (US), Mike Pompeo in his press release.

“The main disarmament We hope that we can achieve that in two and a half years There is a lot of work to do,” said Pompeo.

Mike also said one item of content agreement between the US and North Korea is a full denuclearization and it can be verified and can not be changed.

“Let me assure you that a ‘complete’ includes can be proven in the minds of everyone concerned.A person can not be completely denuclearized without validating, authenticating,” he said.

Earlier, Pompeo said that Washington would not repeat its mistake by revoking sanctions against North Korea before denuclearization is complete.