Escluinta So “Dead City” After Exposure to Heat Mount Fuego

A dog walks past a tree whose leaves are covered with volcanic ash from Fuego volcano in San Miguel Los Lotes, the town of Escuintla, Guatemala. Earlier this June, Guatemala was hit by one of the worst natural disasters in their history. (REUTERS / Carlos Jasso) – In San Miguel Los Lotes, the city of Escuintla, Guatemala became a dead city after the hot ash eruption of Mount Fuego through it.

Covered from CNN on Wednesday (13/06/2018), Only a few animals such as dogs in the dead city.

Only one or two officers were seen in the dead city that the local authorities had forbidden. Residents are not allowed to enter the area because the eruption is still happening.

All the trees in the area died because of the hot volcanic ash from Fuego. Citizen houses are also covered by the thick ash.

Noted, More than 100 people have been killed in this musiba. Some of them even children. Many victims have not even found his body until now.

Help from the international community continues to arrive to help the Guatemalan government handle this disaster.

The United States has also dispatched a number of aid such as logistics and refugee carriers.

From the last report, volcanic activity of this mountain is also still increasing and still in alert status.