Volcanic Activity of Mount Fuego Increases

Photo: Reuters

Southforward.com – Volcanic activity of Fuego volcano in Guatemala is rumored to keep increasing to this day. It was delivered by local officials.

Reported by Reuters on Tuesday (6/12/2018), the mountain continues to show volcanic activity and tend to increase.

Local officials said in anonymous conditions, that Mount Fuego shows increased volcanic activity. He is worried about a big eruption.

“We are worried about a bigger eruption, because volcanic activity continues to increase.” the official said.

Meanwhile, the death toll from this eruption has been more than 100 people. Thousands of people have also been evacuated to safer places by local officials.

Relief from the international community has also come from various countries. This is a special request from the Guatemalan government to handle the errors of the Fuego volcano.

The mountain is located in Antigua City, a UNESCO world heritage site that survived several major eruptions. Most recent activity takes place on the far side, facing the Pacific coast. The eruption on Sunday (3/6) sent dust and smoke as high as 10 km in space and closed some areas with sand and thick dust. “Thousands of people have been evacuated,” explains CONRED.