China: US must immediately revoke North Korean sanctions

China. Photo: Google – China says the US should immediately lift North Korea’s economic sanctions after the signing of an agreement from the results of today’s meeting in Singapore.

Quoted by Reuters on Tuesday (6/12/2018) This was said by a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Geng Shuang.

The gang says that China is firmly in compliance with all the rules applicable to the United Nations. It means about North Korea’s resolution.

“The adopted UN Security Council resolution says that if North Korea respects and acts in accordance with the resolution, then sanctions measures can be adjusted, including to suspend or remove relevant sanctions,” Geng said.

He also said China fully supports the efforts of deplomasi between the US and North Korea today in Singapore.

“China has consistently stated that sanctions are not an end in itself,” DK’s actions must support and adapt to current diplomatic efforts on denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, and promote political solutions to the peninsula, “he continued.

As is known, the US and North Korea today has concluded its summit at Hotel Capella, Sentosa Island, Singapore.

In the historic meeting, it has been agreed on four important points of agreement that denuclearization is one of them.