US condemns militant attack in Somalia that kills members of Special Forces

Al-Shabaab. Photo: reuters – The United States (US) government through their defense minister, Jim Mattis, strongly condemns militant attacks in Somalia a few days ago.

Reported earlier, At least one member of the troops khsus and 4 others injured in a seragan at the army headquarters in Somalia.

In the incident, Al-Shabaab militants in Somalia claimed responsibility for the attack.

Reported from Washington, Monday (11/06/2018), Jim Mattis said the US will not stay silent for the attack. He also did not forget to express his condolences to the families of the victims.

“We are sorry for the attack, but we need to emphasize again, the US will not stay silent for attacks that are not human,” said Mattis in a statement.

The attack was reported to occur around 2 am local time. Suddenly, gun attacks continue to be fired by milian to the US military.