AC-130J: America’s Most Well-armed Fighter

AC-130J: America’s Most Well-armed Fighter

The commander of US Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC), Lt. Gen. Brad Webb, stated that he would love to test laser cannon, yet the AFSOC lacks the funds needed for the test. The laser weapon in question is named the AC-130J, which was introduced back in 2016. Further, Webb described that the full and complete test would cost about $99. At the moment, there is only $44 that has been amassed for the test. He said that hopefully, funding would come by anytime soon so there will be a way to disprove naysayers and prove the zealots at the same time.

Back in 2017, Webb said that the test should have been plausible by now. Yet, everything seems to be less optimistic at this point. Webb discussed the possible scenario for how the AC-130J cannon can be employed in real life. The weapon is expected to be able to generate a laser, powerful enough to render a drone, communication equipment, a pickup truck, and a transformer around a base of an enemy useless. And the most interesting thing about this all is that the weapon is said to be able to do its job without even emitting loud noises or explosions. It does not even come with aircraft engine hum. Four targets can be rendered disable permanently without all the commotion.

In the scenario, the AC-130J can leave the enemies without means of communication, no vehicles to escape on, and no power. Most importantly, the enemies have no means to do reconnaissance, conduct surveillance, or gather intelligence intended to retaliate. The need for bulky chemical lasers can be thoroughly eliminated with the use of this weapon, replaced by electrical lasers that are way more streamlined. Smaller lasers are bound together into one single laser that is finely tuned and exquisite.

The AC-130J is set to be embedded to the Lockheed Ghostrider planes. The planes have been around since 1966 and are actually a modification of the original Lockheed Commando II. The Ghostrider is planned to be equipped with a cannon of 105 mm dimension and the laser cannon wouldn’t be the only thing that rounds out the planes’ features. They will come with AGM-176A precision-guided missiles, GBU-30 laser-guided bombs as well as the aforementioned 30 mm laser cannon. Once declared fully ready for operation, the Ghostrider would be the most advanced plane in the entire history of the US military.