Chengdu J20, a Stealth Fighter from China

China develops a new fighter jet completed by stealth ability inside and ready to operate. It is named Chengdu J20 which made to compute...

Airbus A330, Impressive Multi Role Tanker And Transport Jet

Airbus A330 MRTT is a benchmark of multi role tanker and transport (MRTT). As a transport, it can carry up to more than three...





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President Al Assad

Syrian Army Says Enemy Rockets Hit Several Military Bases

The Syrian army revealed that the rocket attacks launched by the enemy had successfully struck the military bases owned by President Al Assad. The...

Airtech CN-235, a Multipurpose Transport Aircraft

Airtech CN-235 is transport aircraft which developed by CASA of Spain and IPTN Indonesia and marketed by the joint venture company Airtech. It is...
Lockheed Martin Fighting Falcon

Lockheed Martin Fighting Falcon, the Most on Demand Multirole Fighter Jet

Lockheed Martin F16 Fighting falcon (Fighting Falcon) is a supersonics multirole fighter jet developed by Lockheed Martin. It was firstly flown on February 1974...

Be Prepared, China and Russia: The Navy’s Robot Sub-hunter is Getting Closer

DARPA’s prototype automated warship, Sea Hunter, has been handed over to the Office of Naval Research (ONR). The move was made to help with...
The US Plans on Launching Attack Drones to North Korea After Paralympic Games

The US Plans on Launching Attack Drones to North Korea After Paralympic Games

The US is planning on deploying attack drones to the Korean Peninsula, claims South Korean news media, according to the most recent reports. It...


Prithvi-II: India’s Latest Success in Testing Ballistic Missile

India has just recently managed to successfully test their nuclear missile. Called Prithvi-II, the missile is deemed important for India, especially in a limited...

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