Israeli Parliament Clears Netanyahu’s Authority Declares War

Southforward.com - The Israeli parliament has reportedly revised laws allowing the country's Prime Minister and Minister of Defense to make a decision to start...


UK Introduce Their Future Fighter Jet

Southforward.com - The UK has introduced the design of their future fighter jets at the Farnborough Air Show Exhibition.Quoted from DW on Wednesday (18/07/2018),...

Air Raid Kills 7 Civilians in South Syria

Southforward.com - Air strikes in the Syrian South Region conducted by Syrian Government forces have reportedly killed seven civilians.Quoted from Reuters on Tuesday (7/17/2018),...




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Famous Plastic Surgeon in Brazil Blurred After His Patients Died

Southforward.com - A prominent plastic surgeon in Brazil reportedly escaped after one of his patients was declared dead after surgery.Quoted from the AFP, Wednesday...

Crowds Criticized for Defending Putin, Trump Confesses I Am Talking

Southforward.com - President of the United States (US), Donald Trump admitted wrong to speak. This is said because he was criticized many parties about...

Being So Russian Agent, Mariia Butina Threatened 10 Years in Prison

Southforward.com - Mariia Butina, woman charged with being an agent for the Russian government in the United States (US) is facing up to 10...

British Media Reportedly Mocking Donald Trump After Meeting Putin

Southforward.com - British media are reported to have "compactly" ridiculed US President Donald Trump in a local headline.Quoted from CNN, Wednesday (18/7/2018), This followed...

After 2 Years, the Turkish Government Ends Emergency

Southforward.com - The Turkish government announces the end of an emergency in the country. The situation has been going on for the past two...

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Mike Pompeo Confirms North Korea Will Hand Over US Army Corps

Southforward.com - US Secretary of State (US) ensures that his country will soon receive the bodies of US soldiers in Korean war victims from...

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