Iran Exhibits New Generation Ballistic Missiles

Southforward.com - Iran is reported to have introduced a new generation short-range Ballistic missile this week. This is done by Iran when their relationship...


Russia Designs a Fifth Generation MiG-41 Jet Interceptor

Southforward.com - United Aircraft Corporation, a Russian defense contractor reportedly is designing a fifth generation MiG-41 interceptor jet.Reporting from TASS, Saturday (08/18/2018), This was...

The Russian Tu-22M3M Bomber Aircraft Will be Armed With Hypersonic Missiles

Southforward.com - Russia is reported to have had a new jet bomber, the Tu-22M3M. The aircraft was reported to have undergone modifications from the...




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2 Palestinian Demonstrators Killed Shot by Israel on the Gaza Border

Southforward.com - Israeli soldiers reportedly shot dead two Palestinians in the Gaza Border. This incident occurred at a demonstration which was again carried out...

Germany is Likely to Provide Financial Assistance to Overcome The Turkish Crisis

Southforward.com - Germany is reported to have the possibility to provide financial assistance to Turkey to overcome the crisis experienced by the country.Reporting from...

Malaysia Tracks Radioactive Material Lost in the Middle of the Road

Southforward.com - An industrial device reported to contain radioactive material has been reported missing from a truck in Malaysia.Reported by Reuters on Monday (08/20/2018),...

Invited by Kim Jong-un, Xi Jinping Will Go Tto North Korea Next month

Southforward.com - Chinese President Xi Jinping is reported to be visiting North Korea next month. The visit was to fulfill the invitation of North...

Vladimir Putin asks Europe to help rebuild Syria

Southforward.com - Russian President Vladimir Putin is reported to have urged European countries to contribute to rebuilding Syria.Reporting from The Guardian, Saturday (08/18/2018), This...

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Donald Trump Frustrates Over Turkey’s Refusal to Free US Pastors

Southforward.com - President of the United States (US), Donald Trump reportedly very frustrated over Turkey's refusal to free an American priest who was held...

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