Why South Forward?

Why South Forward?

The Importance of the South

The Democratic Party and progressives should be working to promote a progressive message, recruit candidates and invest in building a robust infrastructure in the South, instead of writing off an entire region of the country.

The South is growing – the region gained seven Congressional seats (and Electoral College votes) after the 2010 Census, and is projected to gain another five in 2020. One-third of the Electoral College votes needed to be elected president are in the South. Ignoring the South is potentially disastrous for Democratic and progressive politics.

Republican margins in the South are smaller than in the Great Plains states. With nearly half of all African Americans in the country residing in the South and a rapid in-migration and growth in the Asian and Latino communities, there is an emerging electorate in the South that could provide a solid foundation for a future of progressive electoral politics.

South Forward's 2015 Electoral and Training Priorities

  • Legislative and statewide races in Louisiana and Mississippi, statewide races in Kentucky and legislative races in Virginia (where Republicans hold a slim 21-19 margin in the state Senate). There are also key municipal races all across the South.
  • Expanded training opportunities for candidates, campaign staff and activists to begin to reverse the dramatic experience and talent deficit throughout the region.  

Please join us as we continue our work to move the South Forward!