Help South Forward Action Protect the Right to Vote

Help South Forward Action Protect the Right to Vote

NC_Voter_ID.pngIn 2013, the North Carolina General Assembly passed the most egregious voter ID law in the United States. With one stroke of his pen, Governor McCrory disenfranchised over 300,000 currently registered voters in North Carolina. To make matters worse, over 200,000 of those are active voters who participate regularly in elections.

While others are fighting this law through the legal system, it’s vitally important that someone step up to help these disenfranchised citizens get the required identification so their votes will count. We can’t just depend on the law being overturned.

South Forward Action Fund has teamed up with Rural Votes Action Fund to do this important work. We have spent months developing an ambitious plan to help these disenfranchised voters in the 85 rural counties get a photo ID so they can continue to participate in democracy. We know who these voters are—each and every one of them. We have begun working county by county to mail, call, knock and drive each individual disenfranchised voter to get the required photo identification. We will do whatever it takes to restore the full voting rights of these individuals.

This work is essential. Candidates should campaign hard for every vote. Those efforts will be more difficult, though, if we don’t help these voters who through no fault of their own will be turned away from the polls. There is no more important effort in which to be involved. 

If you are ready to stand up to protect the voting rights of those who are being left behind, please consider contributing today. You can do so by clicking here now