Another Win in the South

Another Win in the South

Thank YouYesterday, Helen Warren, a South Forward supported candidate for City Commission in Gainesville, FL, won her election by 127 votes! Voter turnout in Tuesday’s run-off election exceeded turnout in the March primary - that’s unheard of in a race at any level.

Your contributions made this victory possible.

South Forward became involved in Helen’s campaign a few months ago after one of her campaign yard signs was vandalized with an anti-gay slur. We came to you and asked for your financial help so South Forward could support Helen's candidacy with a robust independent expenditure program. You answered and we did just that.

Due to the generosity of our contributors we helped Helen’s campaign by sending two direct mail pieces, phone calls, radio ads, and online advertising which all led to her successful win last night!

Before we celebrate too much today, it is important to remember that Helen is one of many candidates in 2014 fighting for a better future and they all need our help.

Help us in our efforts to move the South forward by contributing $25, $50 or $100 today.

All contributions that we receive go directly to impact the campaigns that we tell you about – the ones that are fighting hard but need help to keep up the fight for Progressives and Democrats.

Thank you for moving the South Forward.