Daily Kos: Activists fight Kochs' North Carolina voter suppression

Daily Kos: Activists fight Kochs' North Carolina voter suppression

Written by
Joan McCarter
Daily Kos Staff Writer

12392733224_47b4175b04_z.jpgNorth Carolina is one of the most confusing places a voter could be in the last weeks before an election. That's because the stringent voter suppression laws the state passed last year have been in legal limbo, with voters and state officials alike not knowing which, if any, provisions would be in effect for November's election. The Kochs' Americans for Prosperity has been trying to capitalize on that confusion by creating even more of it with a fake voter registration form—filled with misinformation—sent to hundreds of thousands of people in the state. The forms have incorrect deadlines for registering, wrong information on where to send registrations, and wrong information on where to call for help, potentially derailing the efforts of hundreds, maybe thousands of would-be voters.

But they're not operating in a vacuum. Progressive groups are on the ground in North Carolina, going door-to-door and having voter outreach and education rallies. One effort comes from an alliance between Rural Votes and South Forward, who've teamed up to make sure the would-be disenfranchised people of North Carolina know how to register, how to get their photo ID, and ultimately to vote this year.

We have spent months developing an ambitious plan to help these disenfranchised voters in the 85 rural counties get a photo ID so they can continue to participate in democracy. We know who these voters are—each and every one of them. We have begun working county by county to mail, call, knock and drive each individual disenfranchised voter to get the required photo identification. We will do whatever it takes to restore the full voting rights of these individuals.

This work is essential. Candidates should campaign hard for every vote. Those efforts will be more difficult, though, if we don’t help these voters who through no fault of their own will be turned away from the polls. There is no more important effort in which to be involved.

This is a regionally based effort, with local volunteers that can build relationships and do the work on the ground to combat the Kochs. And they're not alone. For example, CREDO SuperPACis in the state with a ground effort, and the Nuns on the Bus will take their bus tour to several North Carolina cities. This cycle, they're focusing on voter education and on canvassing in low-income neighborhoods to get out the vote.

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